Opening segment

The entire Raw locker room was on the stage and Kurt Angle was in the ring. Michael Cole said security is on lockdown and nobody’s getting in. Angle apologized and said he let his relationship with Shane McMahon blind him and everyone paid the price for it.

He started to hype up Survivor Series and then… Stephanie McMahon came out. Steph hyped the crowd and told people to admit that they missed her. She said Kurt Angle has been doing “a hell of a job” while bringing up so many things that have gone wrong in the past like the viral infection and Braun Strowman being destroyed via garbage truck.

Stephanie then said Angle failed when he let SmackDown take Raw Under Seige. She said Shane lost at HIAC so he’s coming to Raw to humiliate Raw, Stephanie then announced Angle was going to be the team captain of Team Raw at Survivor Series.

It looks like Kurt Angle is going to have a chance to redeem himself at Survivor Series.

Later on when Stephanie was getting in her limo she threatened Kurt Angle’s job if he didn’t pull down a win. She said just ask Mick Foley.

As Steph’s limo pulled away, another limo rolled up and The Miz got out saying he was fashionably late. Bo Dallas was back and it’s nice to see him too. Curtis Axel was there too which is fine.

Angle berated Miz for being MIA while Raw was under siege and said he would put his IC Title on the line tonight. He didn’t tell Miz who he is facing either because he was late so he’ll have to find out in the ring.

Bayley vs Alicia Fox… nope?

Alicia Fox came out and said since she doesn’t have time to face Bayley so she brought out a replacement in Nia Jax.

It didn’t take much time before Nia Jax took control and tossed Bayley out of the ring. Once they returned to the ring, Jax kept up the pressure and dominated in supreme fashion just like she always has, especially against Bayley.

But Bayley sprung to life and tossed Jax to the outside when Nia was climbing up for a splash. Bayley jumped on Jax and hammered away at her but it didn’t phase her much.

After a nice little back and forth match, Nia Jax came down with the win after a legdrop.

Winner: Nia Jax via pinfall

After the match was over, Alicia Fox said Nia Jax is her first pick for Team Raw

Suddenly, Samoa Joe’s music hit and he came strolling to the ring!

Samoa Joe Is Back

Joe got the microphone and said he didn’t care about any of the fans even though they sounded like they missed him.

Then Apollo Crews came out while Cole said Crews demanded the match and wanted to prove himself to get on the Survivor Series match against SmackDown. After all, he was one of the first attacked.

Apollo Crews did the best he could against Joe but Samoa Joe was just too much and in the end, Crews was caught in a Coquina Clutch.

Winner: Samoa Joe via submission

After the match was over, Samoa Joe choked out Titus too for good measure because he likes to share.

The Miz vs Matt Hardy (Interconential Title Match)

The Miz was pretty shocked when he found out his opponent. Matt and The Miz has a nice back and forth match for a bit until The Miz knocked Hardy down and he climbed to the top rope. Miz jumped right into a Side Effect but Miz was able to dodge it. However Miz soon sent himself into the turnbuckle without Hardy to land on.

Matt landed some clotheslines and hit a running bulldog. Hardy reversed out of a Skull Crushing Finale and hit a Side Effect for a two count.

Hardy hit a nice moonsault for a very close fall. The traded positions a couple more times when Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate and Miz rolled to the apron. He pulled Hardy’s neck across the top rope when Hardy went to get him. Suddenly The Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale and got the win.

Winner: The Miz via pinfall

Kurt Angle was backstage and Alexa Bliss walked up to him wearing overalls. She was kissing up to Angle and said she could help him. She proposed they “cut some dead weight” like Mickie James or just bring in someone from the Mae Young Classic or they could just “dig up Mae” those are both ill-timed jokes.

Then Kurt Angle said Alexa would put her title on the line against Mickie James tonight.

Asuka vs Stacie Cullen

It looks like WWE is going to take the tactic of letting Asuka drop enhancement talent. Asuka just kicked the hell out of Cullen and didn’t hold anything back. Kick after kick and then another kick to the back of the head. It was brutal.

Asuka kicked her opponent across the chest and then screamed something in Japanese and started hammering away at her. It wasn’t very long until the Asuka Lock was in and Cullen tapped out.

Winner: Asuka via submission

Kurt Angle was backstage on his phone as usual and then he looked up and freaked out. He grabbed a walky-talky and yelled “they’re here! they’re here!” The camera panned over to reveal Daniel Bryan just standing there looking quite unthreatening.

“What are you doing here?” Angle asked,

Bryan said he had nothing to do with Shane McMahon’s actions last week and Angle said he didn’t believe him. Byran said he didn’t blame him and he was just as blindsided by the siege as everyone else was.

Kurt Angle said he’s bringing his gold medals, his Raw roster, and they’re going to take down SmackDown Live.

Daniel Bryan was on his phone later talking about how nerve-racking it all was. Suddenly the lights went off on him and he said he had to go because someone cut the power.

Since Kurt told Bryan to stay in his office apparently the door was locked too. Suddenly Kane showed up and chocked Daniel Bryan. It was all dark and then a sound was inserted that made it sound like a chokeslam but seeing how Daniel Bryan isn’t cleared it’s unlikely he actually took a bump.

Finn Balor vs Cesaro

Finn was fighting hard but he wasn’t The Demon tonight so he had a lower overall rating if WWE 2k18 is any indication of things. He took a little bit of damage but he soon found himself in control over Cesaro.

Finn pulled off a kick from the apron and got some more offense on the outside but once they returned to the ring the back-and-forth action kept going. Sheamus kept being a distraction and helped Cesaro gain the upper hand on a couple occasions.

Cesaro climbed to the top rope and hit off a superplex by pulling Finn Balor up from the apron with brute force. 1-2-kick out! Then he locked a sharpshooter on Balor and transitioned it into a crossface. But Finn reversed out of it and hit a double stomp on his chest.

Balor hit a sling blade and climbed to the top rope but Sheamus got involved. Balor kicked him in the head and tossed Cesaro outside to leap on both members of The Bar. Cesaro got back in the ring and Balor hit a “Balor Stop” on the back of Cesaro’s neck 1-2-3, and Finn Balor wins.

Winner: Finn Balor via pinfall

As Finn Balor walked up the ramp, Kane came out and hit a tombstone on Balor leaving him laying on the stage. Kane continued walking to the ring and waited there for a bit until The Shield’s music hit and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins came down through the crowd. They walked through the crowd without Roman Reigns while Michael Cole said “some members of the Raw roster are still suffering from a viral infection” when it looks like it might just be Reigns at this point.

Kane vs Seth Rollins

Kane and Rollins went back and forth for a few minutes. Rollins illustrated his CrossFit goodness very well as he kept jumping around but Kane didn’t sell much.

It looked like Rollins was going to rally but The Bar got involved and took out Dean Ambrose. Suddenly Kane hit a chokeslam and got the pin.

Winner: Kane via pinfall

After the match was over Kane and The Bar laid waste to Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to leave 2/3 of The Shield laying on the mat.

Daniel Bryan is shown being strapped on a stretch backstage and he is led out of the room.

The Miz and The Miztourage was backstage ready to celebrate. They walked into their dressing room and Miz noticed something smelled awful. Then Axel saw there was a garbage bag on the ground and The Miz said, “he’s here… Braun Strowman!”

Axel told him not to be worried and Dallas said they had his back. “Okay, now I am a little worried.”

The Miz found Kane backstage and congratulated him for destroying Finn Balor and 2/3 of the Shield. The Miz told Kane about his bag of garbage and Kane said if it is Braun Strowman then he knows where to find him.

The Miz said it’s good to have him on the same team and then Kane said, “team? You’re on your own” then he chuckled and walked away.

Heath Slater and Rhyno vs The Club (Trick Or Street Fight)

This match got quite messy. Rhyno and Slater were dressed like Santa Clauses and The Club were dressed up like their characters from Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

This match was a very sloppy gimmick match complete with smashed pumpkins and styrofoam tombstones. Rhyno hit Gallows with a pie to the face as Michael Cole said, “this is tremendous.”

The Club set up a table but turned around to be assaulted with a kendo stick. Gallows took Slater down with a kick and then they placed Rhyno on a table. Anderson put a jack-o-lantern on his head and Gallows did the same but his pumpkin was backward which allowed Rhyno a chance to pick up Anderson and send him through the table for a three count.

Winners: Rhyno and Heath Slater vs pinfall

The Miz was freaking out backstage while talking to The Bar. They told him to take it easy and someone was messing with him. Miz said it’s nice to be on a strong team. They both laughed and told The Miz he was on his own.

Ladies And Gentlemen: Elias

Elias was there to sing “The Ballad Of Jason Jodan” while they played a clip of him smashing his guitar over JJ’s shoulder over and over again. Then Jason Jordan came out and his arm was still VERY bruised.

He rushed the ring and ducked a guitar shot from Elias. Then JJ hit a German Suplex on Elias and The Drifter retreated. Jason Jordan then grabbed Elias’ guitar and committed the heinus crime of smashing stomping the guitar and then tossed it at him.

That was uncalled for because that was a pretty nice guitar.

The Miz and Miztourage were shown backstage and they were leaving. Kurt Angle jumped him and berated him for showing up late and leaving early. Angle said they were going to stay until the end of the show “or else” so The Miz, Dallas, and Axel begrudgingly walked back to their locker room.

Enzo Amore’s Voice Got Better

It’s nice to see Enzo is feeling better but Drew Gulak is actually a better character, to be honest. The two heels from 205 Live were out to face Kalisto but it was only Drew Gulak who would be facing off against the former Cruiserweight Champion.

The two heels talked some trash about Kalisto and Gulak spelled it out for him S-O-F-T, soft.

Then Kalisto came out to his old Lucha Lucha music because that last music scared cats I guess.

It didn’t take him much time to hit a Salida Del Sol and get the win

Winner: Kalisto via pinfall

Enzo Amore jumped Kalisto immediately following the pinfall and left Kalisto laying on the mat while he talked trash.

The Miz was in his locker room once again and he told Axel to call the limo and have it ready to leave as soon as the show was over.

Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James (Raw Women’s Championship Match)

The winner of this match will face Natalya at Survivor Series. If Mickie James wins this match and becomes the Raw Women’s Champion she will have seven Women’s Title reigns under her belt which would tie Trish Stratus.

James got things started off with a bang and Bliss soon needed to retreat to the outside in order to regroup. But Bliss would regain control after driving Mickie’s head into the ring post.

Bliss utilized a couple headlocks to keep James grounded until James broke out and hit a neckbreaker for a two count. The crowd chanted “CM Punk” as the two fought on.

Alexa Bliss climbed to the top rope and Mickie hit her with a kick to send Little Miss Bliss toppling to the floor. James rolled Bliss back inside and hit a seated dive on Bliss for a two count. James stalked Bliss waiting for her to get up so she could hit a Mick Kick, but Bliss rolled outside.

Bliss re-entered the ring and it was all James for a moment but Bliss kept kicking out. Suddenly Alexa Bliss hit Mickie James with a right hand and James hit the ground.

1-2-3 and Bliss retains her title. Well, that was sudden.

Winner: Alexa Bliss via pinfall

The Miz was on his way out of the building and he was moving fast. They move it to their limo and rush their driver to load up their luggage and open the door for them.

The three were shown in the back of a limo when suddenly the limo jerked to a stop. Suddenly a garbage truck was in front of them and it backed up to the limo. They couldn’t leave the limo because the door was locked. Suddenly the garbage truck dumped a bunch of trash out including Braun Strowman.

Strowman roared at The Miz and Miztourage and suddenly their door was unlocked. They ran away and suddenly appeared on the entrance ramp. Dallas and Axel attacked Braun from behind but Strowman no sold it and sent Miz bouncing off the entrance area.

Strowman cleared off the announce table and fought off The Miztourage again. Dallas and Axel were sent tumbling down the ramp and The Miz followed. Then The Monster Among Men stalked them down the ramp. He tossed Miz into the ring and elbowed Axel off the apron.

Strowman hit a splash to Miz and took out each member of The Miztourage as they came at him. The Miz slithered away but Axel wasn’t so lucky. Braun hit a running powerslam on Axel and the crowd chanted “one more time” so he did it one more time and then a third time and a fourth time in a row too.

Strowman rolled Axel out of the ring as Dallas and Miz ran for the hills. Strowman hoisted Axel up on his shoulder and walked him over to the announce table to hit one more running powerslam through the announce table.

Raw ended with Braun Strowman walking away looking quite vindicated.






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