roman reigns

This week on WWE SmackDown Live Roman Reigns was walking backstage as he prepared for an interview when steel beams came crashing down on The Big Dog.

WWE has followed up on the incident with a storyline update that reads as follows:

“In the final moments of this week’s SmackDown LIVE, Roman Reigns was intending to make a SummerSlam challenge from the backstage area, but The Big Dog just barely evaded sheer catastrophe when tons of steel beams came plummeting toward him.

A preliminary investigation has found the incident Tuesday night involving Roman Reigns was caused by a forklift backstage carrying lighting grids that were not properly secured.

Check back with for more details as they become available.”

SummerSlam is set to air live on the WWE Network on Sunday, August 11. Roman Reigns does not have a match on the card as of this writing, but it’s rumored that he could be facing Daniel Bryan.