History is a very interesting thing. As we continue to travel down the road that time creates it seems like it’s getting harder to look back and see which path we took to get where we are, especially when we’re talking about WWE.

The Fabulous Moolah might be remembered as a beloved grandmother type character alongside Mae Young as they took part in so many hilarious and unforgettable stories during the Attitude Era. But it turns out Moolah might not have been the best person behind closed doors.

Now WrestleMania 34 is set to feature a Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal highlighting women from all three WWE brands. But this announcement came with a fair amount of controversy, to say the least.

There is currently a petition going to remove The Fabulous Moolah’s name from WrestleMania this year. You can sign the petition here but please bear in mind WWE is a huge company therefore by the time word gets out to us that they’re doing something it’s pretty much a lock that it’s going to happen. Just the fact that there was a picture of a trophy with Moolah on top is a pretty good clue that they’ve already created the award. (Update: Looks like I was thankfully incorrect in assuming WWE was too far in to pull out.)

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned the practice of having female talents brought in to work and sleep with promoters and other workers didn’t start with Moolah. But it was also noted that this practice didn’t stop with her either.

Therefore a ton of controversy has sparked due to this decision by WWE to honor Moolah in such a way. As hard as WWE might try to paint their own history it looks like this is becoming increasingly difficult in a day and age where information is so readily available to contradict their narrative.

WWE aired a tribute video for The Fabulous Moolah complete with Superstars praising her for everything she did in her lifetime. While it was a great presentation and certainly gave people a case of the feels it also made others nauseous because of WWE’s continued attempt to glorify a person some consider a monster for what she did.

It looks like the common opinion about Moolah might have gotten to WWE because they have now disabled comments on YouTube for Moolah’s tribute video that aired on Raw and SmackDown this week.

Only time will tell if they eventually replace Moolah’s name at WrestleMania but it’s not looking likely this year since it appears the wheels are already in motion to roll out a huge tribute for a woman who selfishly held the NWA World Women’s Championship for 28 years while keeping other talents down, pushing herself, and pilfering as much money as she could from trainees and other women wrestlers alike.