Drake Maverick has been holding on to the WWE 24/7 Title for a while now, which has taken the focus off his marriage.

Ahead of Raw on Monday Drake Maverick announced that he would be consummating his marriage with his wife, and during the show they checked into the honeymoon suite of a hotel.

However, R-Truth wasn’t far behind as he showed up at the same hotel shortly after they checked in.

Drake Maverick stripped down to his underwear with his 24/7 Title around his waist then he sat on the bed. His wife started to get in bed but someone knocked on the door.

Room service wheeled in a cart with champagne then the room service guy revealed himself to be a WWE referee. R-Truth then popped out of the cart and rolled Maverick up for a two count.

Truth hit a crossbody onto the bed and pinned Drake Maverick to become the new champion. Maverick then chased R-Truth out of the room.