Shinsuke Nakamura has made a solid impact on NXT since his debut at NXT Takeover: Dallas back in April.

The Japanese superstar began his career with a huge win over the departing Sami Zayn at the show that kicked off WrestleMania weekend, before following it up with a huge win over “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” Austin Aries at NXT Takeover: The End this past week.

The event that took place on Wednesday night live from Full Sail University also saw Samoa Joe and Finn Balor finally end their intense feud that has engulfed NXT for the past few months, which leaves many of the WWE Universe wondering what happens next for both heavyweight competitors.

The main speculation seems to suggest that Finn Balor is heading to the main roster to link up with his former Bullet Club team mates who are seemingly controlling the Raw roster currently, but Triple H’s recent Tweet may signal something completely different for the Irish superstar.

The main booker for NXT tweeted following NXT’s TV taping’s this week during a segment involving Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura with the tag line “No sleep ’till Brooklyn…” #WeAreNXT which has began to create speculation itself.

Many of the WWE Universe now believe that Finn Balor’s farewell match for NXT could be against Nakamura at NXT Takeover Brooklyn the night before SummerSlam, this would be much like Sami Zayn’s farewell from the company a few months ago.

Whilst this would be an incredible match and a definite one to cross off the bucket list for many fans of Japanese wrestling, it doesn’t fully make sense for NXT’s current product.

The reign of Samoa Joe is now well and truly underway and since Balor has now stepped out of the title picture, it means that he is in need of a new challenger. It would be completely unfair for WWE to allow the like of Austin Aries and Bobby Roode to step into the title picture after only being with the company for a few weeks, so who else remains available for the slot?

After defeating every obstacle that has stood in his way for the past few months, Nakamura could easily step into the title picture and put up one hell of a fight against the Samoan Suplex Machine.

Nakamura and Aries stole the show at NXT Takeover: The End of the Beginning and Zayn and Nakamura was a definite highlight for all in attendance at WrestleMania weekend. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the hype surrounding the debut of the former Japanese wrestler was definitely with good reason and he has since continued to prove this.

The King of Strong Style is one of the main reasons why NXT’s new era is looking to be just as positive as their last one, and a shot at the NXT Championship would be a more than worthy match for the show that kicks off SummerSlam weekend.

Fans have continued to share images that have both Samoa Joe and Nakamura on them with the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn sign on them which proves that many of the WWE and NXT Universe think that the King of the Kinshasa has already proved his worthy in NXT over the past few months since his arrival.

Even though WWE have stated that NXT much like WWE is about to step into a new era, the likes of Joe and Shinsuke will be remaining in NXT and they will be the biggest reasons why it will be a success.

To allow one of the most over superstars in NXT currently to go up against one of the most hated heels currently would be an incredible way to build up one of NXT’s biggest shows of the year. Once again NXT will be leaving Full Sail University and hoping to sell out the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn New York and having a showdown of this grandeur could be enough to ensure this for a second year.

Whether it’s Finn Balor or his first ever NXT Championship shot at Takeover: Brooklyn, one thing is for sure,  it will once again be an incredible showing from the man who is destined to be the next King of NXT.