A few months ago when WWE announced Super Show-Down, it was also announced that Triple H would be facing The Undertaker for the last time ever at the big event in Australia.

In the weeks that followed the announcement, legends from the past made their predictions in regards to who they were picking for the winner, and Shawn Michaels picked his friend Triple H.

The situation then became much more tense as The Undertaker confronted HBK, and it was later confirmed that HBK would be in Triple H’s corner for the match, with Kane in Undertaker’s corner.

As JoJo was introducing Taker and Triple H, she announced that the match would be a no disqualification match, and Triple H smiled at The Undertaker.

At one point Undertaker was going to put Triple H through a table, but HBK got involved, which prompted Kane to get involved.

Triple H and HBK got Kane on the table, and Triple H put him through it with an elbow drop from the apron.

Taker hit Triple H with the Tombstone, but he kicked out. Taker then knocked out the ref, and assaulted Triple H with a chair.

As Taker had the chair wrapped around Triple H’s neck, HBK got on the apron and begged him not to do anything. HBK then tried to hit Taker while his back was turned, but Taker caught him.

Triple H hit Taker with a Pedigree, then wrapped a chair around his neck and stomped on it after jumping off the turnbuckle.

He went for the pin, but Kane pulled the referee out of the ring.

Shawn Michaels then handed a sledgehammer to Triple H as Kane handed a chair to The Undertaker. Triple H slammed the hammer into the chair, which hit Taker in the face, but when he went for the pin there was no referee to count it.

Taker countered with Hell’s Gate, but Triple H choked him with the sledgehammer to break the hold.

HBK then got in the ring and grabbed the sledgehammer, but Kane tried to choke slam him. HBK hit Kane with a low blow, then Taker knocked HBK out of the ring.

Taker went for a Tombestone, but HBK broke it up with Sweet Chin Music. Taker tried to hit HBK with the Tombstone, but Triple H hit Taker in the face with the sledgehammer.

HBK then nailed Taker with Sweet Chin Music, and Triple H followed up with the Pedigree for the win.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels then celebrated in the ring, as Taker and Kane looked on.

The Undertaker handed the sledgehammer to Triple H, then Triple H helped him up and all 4 men stood in the ring.

Kane and The Undertaker then turned on Triple H and HBK and put them down.

The Brothers of Destruction put Shawn Michaels through the announce table to end the show.