The Dudley Boyz left a legacy of broken records, titles, and tables behind them and few people know them better than the guys they made towns with for years. The Dudley Boyz were a crucial ingredient to WWE’s tag team division during their time in the company and the two helped innovate the concept of tag team warfare in many ways.

The TLC matches which the Dudley Boyz participated in were legendary and now two guys who spent a lot of time locking up with them in the ring will get the amazing opportunity to induct Bubba Ray and D-Von into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

It looks like the WWE Hall Of Fame is going to be rocket strapped this year because Edge and Christian are going to spend some time on the program where they will induct the Dudley Boyz into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

It might only be a matter of time before Christian finds himself in the WWE Hall Of Fame as well. But for now, at least we get to see him work with Edge once again in this respect. It might not be in the ring or during their supposedly canceled WWE Network show. But inducting the brothers from Dudleyville into the WWE Hall Of Fame is still pretty special.

We love Jim Ross but it looks like he’s going through a rather unfortunate circumstance right now because the WWE Hall Of Famer is going under the knife once again for eye surgery.

Good ‘ole JR posted a picture of his IV so if you’re squeamish you might want to look away. But the good news is he also gave us some good news when he said his procedure is routine.

Let’s hope he’s able to get in and out of surgery quickly so he can start resting up. After all, Jim Ross has a stacked WrestleMania weekend planned already.

There’s also a pretty good chance Ross will be doing something during WrestleMania this year as he noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that he is optimistic about working the Granddaddy Of Them All once again this year.