We previously reported Lana was working an NXT house show over the weekend, and that’s apparently just what she will be doing for the remainder of her husband’s recovery from shoulder surgery. It is a sad time for fans of the Bulgarian Brute as Handsome Rusev was forced to undergo shoulder surgery and is likely to not only miss WrestleMania, but also a couple of months after the show of shows.

Word is Lana will continue to work out at the WWE Performance Center and NXT to further advance herself in the department of in-ring ability.

Her plan is to keep on learning the art of professional wrestling so it very well might be plausible that fans could one day know her for her matches along with her incredible microphone ability, let alone her skills of standing at ringside and looking ravishing and having cameos in both “Pitch Perfect” movies.

Who knows, maybe one day Rick Rude won’t be the only “ravishing” wrestler in the WWE Hall of Fame and will be joined by the Ravishing Russian Lana.

We here at Still Real To Us would like to wish Lana the best of luck as she polishes up her wrestling skills, she’s already got a lot of tools she needs. She just requires the proper instruction on how to implement them. We wold also like to extend our most sincere “get well soons” to her husband, Handsome Rusev. Raw won’t be the same until he’s back to crushing, that’s for sure. But in the meantime, Lana will keep crushing it at the WWE Performance Center.

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