Seth Rollins won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions last month and he’s vowed to be a fighting champion. So far Seth Rollins is living up to his word as The Visionary has been taking on all challengers and on Tuesday night’s episode of NXT he defended the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Bron Breakker.

Bron Breakker got his shot at one of the top prizes in WWE, but when it was all said and done it was Seth Rollins who retained the title after he put Breakker away with the Curb Stomp. Rollins was attacked by Finn Balor after the match before Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams made the save.

After the show went off the air Seth Rollins thanked Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams before delivering a heartfelt speech to the NXT fans in attendance on Tuesday night.

“The reason I come down here to NXT is because I love this, and this title deserves that respect. There are champions like Harley Race, Ric Flair, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, and ‘Mr. Five-Time’ Booker T who took pride in taking the heavyweight title to every city and every town in every single country they could, and putting on a fight to raise the prestige of a world heavyweight champion. If I can even lace those boots for two seconds, and if I can be a part of that lineage, then I’m doing something right.”

Seth went on to say that he got a lot of questions about whether or not it felt nostalgic to return to NXT, and he noted that it didn’t really hit him until he made his way out into the ring.

“When I accepted [Breakker’s challenge], I had a lot of people asking me, ‘Seth, does it feel nostalgic? Are you getting emotional?'” Rollins revealed. “To be honest, it had been so long since I’d stepped foot in an NXT ring, and I’ve been fortunate enough to do so much across the world, that my honest answer was ‘no.’ It wasn’t hitting me like I thought it would. Until I got out here!”

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