Dean Ambrose had a rough night on Tuesday. Following the brutal assault that he received at the hands of Baron Corbin during Elimination Chamber, Ambrose was fired up when he arrived for SmackDown. Dean Ambrose was searching for Baron Corbin so he could take his aggression out on him, but he settled for James Ellsworth instead.

Unfortunately for Dean Ambrose, he never made it to the ring for his match with James Ellsworth, because Baron Corbin assaulted him once again, and this time he put Ambrose through a table.

Luckily Ambrose had better luck after SmackDown and 205 Live went off the air when he faced The Miz in a dark match. The Miz made his way down to the ring to read a poem to Maryse and that’s when Dean Ambrose interrupted. Ambrose picked up the win after he put The Miz away with Dirty Deeds.

You can check out a few photos and videos below.

Former WWE star Sean Waltman, aka X-Pac, was in attendance for this week’s episode of SmackDown Live and he caught up with some friends backstage. Waltman posted a few pictures of himself with AJ Styles and Natalya which can be viewed below.

MMA star Tito Ortiz was also in attendance for SmackDown on Tuesday and Mauro Ranallo gave him a shout out on Twitter.

Although WWE didn’t acknowledge him on TV, Ortiz was sitting behind the commentary table.

Despite the fact that Ortiz wasn’t acknowledged on camera, WWE officials were still nice enough to let his kids get inside the ring and flex. Could the Ortiz boys be future WWE Tag Team Champions?