rob van dam

It’s been a few years since WWE fans saw Rob Van Dam in the ring, but he’s still around. He hasn’t wrestled much though, because he’s been taking time off to focus on other projects and unwind. But, he’s still the “Whole F’n Show” and he never wants anyone to forget that.

Rob Van Dam recently appeared at a Pacific Coast Wrestling event in Wilmington, California on March 24th. Rob is the current PCW Heavyweight Champion, in case you didn’t know. In his most recent match he took on MVP which only marked Van Dam’s second match of the year. Rob Van Dam defeated Willie Mack at the January 20th PCW show to retain his title in his other 2017 contest.

RVD and MVP put on a wrestling showcase that left fans dazzled and highly entertained. Even though Rob Van Dam hasn’t worked many dates in recent memory, he’s obviously still in great shape.

A WWE return isn’t out of the realm of possibility for RVD, but it sure looks like he’s having a great time in the indies. These are the kind of events which are not only intimate, but give fans a real vantage point on the action they wouldn’t normally see in an arena show.

Rob Van Dam nearly hits the roof when he delivered his 5-Star Frog Splash on MVP to end the match. He retained his PCW Heavyweight Title leaving some to wonder when his next defense will be and who he will face.

We here at Still Real To Us would love to see RVD back in the WWE fold, but this corporate company might not be the best place for a One Of A Kind superstar like Rob Van Dam. He has a unique wrestling style and an even more unique fan base to say the least. So who knows if he would be utilized correctly? Some would say he wasn’t treated like he should have been during his last run in 2014. It would still be both outstanding and interesting to see how well he would mesh with some of the top names on the Raw or SmackDown roster right now.

It might just be a matter of time before RVD makes a WWE return, but until then it looks like he’s doing fine holding the top title in PCW.