During a recent interview with Neil Docking Wade Barrett explained why he’s been off TV the past few weeks. You can read the full interview HERE.


Why he’s been off TV:

“I’ve been back sorting out a new Visa at the moment, we’ve had a couple of delays on that. I actually went and watched Preston North End a few weeks ago, I went and watched them play away at Walsall and met the manager and the players, which was pretty cool. I’ve been back for about four weeks.”

“I was supposed to be back in the States two weeks ago and I think the Night of Champions pay-per-view I was supposed to be away for, but I also missed Battleground. It’s very difficult for me to do anything at the moment, being without a passport. Fingers crossed it gets cleared up in the next few days.”

On a possible character change:

“I think I’m always looking to change and develop and I think you’ve got to do that just to keep fans interested, because they can kind of get pretty bored of the same thing over and over again. There’s not many people who can really get away with not evolving and changing and giving different things constantly.”


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