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In the world of professional wrestling there are many moves that a wrestler can use when it comes to their offense and there’s no denying that Maven had a picture perfect dropkick. It seems that people took notice of Maven’s dropkick which means people also noticed when he didn’t hit the move quite right.

While talking about his WWE career on his YouTube channel Maven recalled facing off against Goldust in a Hardcore Championship match, and he also revealed Vince McMahon’s reaction when he botched the one move he was known for.

“So, going into WrestleMania 18, I was wrestling Goldust. I think Goldust and I had 6 to 8 minutes for the entire match. But that is with entrances, so not much time to actually wrestle. During the match, my big spot was getting my trash can in. Now, not only did they want me to hit a trash can, something that is twice the size of The Undertaker’s back, but they painted the damn thing gold for me too to make it an even bigger target.”

“I remember Goldust picked the trash can up and I was supposed to drop kick and it was one of those thin aluminum trash cans. So the idea was that when I would kick it, it would completely cave in, look amazing and Goldust would take the bump. So I go to do the spot, jumped, and completely missed. Whiffed the entire trash can. The moment I got behind Gorilla, Vince is irate, he’s yelling at me and I’ll never forget it. He said ‘You have one move and you f****d that one up.”

H/T Inside The Ropes