vince mcmahon

It was officially announced this week that NXT will be going live on the USA Network on Wednesday nights, and that the show will be going head to head with AEW on TNT.

NXT is often thought of as Triple H’s baby, but with the show moving to USA Network fans have wondered if Vince McMahon could be taking a more hands on approach with the bran.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the story going around right now is that NXT will continue on the path it’s been on with Triple H in charge.

Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn aren’t expected to be involved, and although he could make suggestions from time to time, as long as the ratings are good Vince will likely be hands off with the brand.

It’s being said that Vince McMahon doesn’t have the time right now to be involved and that he will have even less time in 2020 due to the launch of the XFL.

However, if AEW wins in the ratings then Vince will likely get involved and possible changes that could be made include using more main roster stars, and moving the show out of of Full Sail.

NXT will debut on USA Network on Wednesday, September 18.