Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury are seasoned sports entertainers and they have loads of advice to give. If you’ve ever wanted to get in the ring with Gallows or Mercury, then this is your chance. The Bullet Proof Dojo is holding special training sessions with these two wrestling superstars at the helm. It is important to remember that these training camps are only for experienced wrestlers, so they won’t be wasting any time on “the basics.”

Sasha Banks has trained with Joey Mercury and took the time to write out her own testimonial about her experience working with the former member of MNM and The Authority.

Lillian Garcia’s podcast, “Making Their Way To The Ring” is scheduled to have a special guest on its next episode, none other than The Hugger of Huggers, Bayley. The former WWE announcer is asking fans to send her questions to ask Bayley, so get them in quick and make them good because she’s only picking four to ask the former NXT Women’s Champion.

Renee Young is a true jill of all trades. She is a WWE announcer, reality television star, and a writer. It turns out that she’s not just a pretty face, but she can also write about pretty faces as well.

In her latest article for, her personal website where she discusses food, music, style, and beauty among other things she discusses the perfect red lipstick.