kurt angle

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Kurt Angle was apparently telling people that he planned on moving to Southern California in 2018 to focus on his acting career in a heavier sense. It is still unknown whether he plans on working matches for WWE along with accepting an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, but his manager has been telling independent promotions for a while now that he would not be available after April.

It was Vince McMahon’s decision not to bring Angle back into the WWE fold was that he feared that if something bad happened to an Olympic gold medalist that it would make the company look bad. Angle had a deal with UFC at one time around 2006 to come in and fight Daniel Puder, but when TNA offered The Olympic Hero another contract, he called Dana White and nixed the planned fight. Kurt would stay under the TNA roof for the next ten years of his career.

After Angle’s latest Impact Wrestling deal expired, Kurt Angle was reportedly making between $25,000 to $40,000 an appearance, and Angle still has independent two dates remaining.

Whether or not Kurt Angle will wrestle in a match for WWE is completely dependent on his current physical condition especially considering that during his last year with TNA he was battling knee injuries that kept him on the bench for quite some time. Angle is still able to do his signature move set, but the real question is how often he can perform there famous maneuvers.

Kurt Angle has said that as of right now he has only spoke to WWE about his Hall of Fame induction, and the two parties have not discussed his return to the ring.