Cody Rhodes was originally scheduled to defend the TNT Championship against the first ever AEW Battle of the Belts a few weeks ago, but Cody was pulled from the show and replaced by his brother Dustin.

Sammy Guevara ended up defeating Dustin Rhodes and he was crowned interim TNT Champion. Cody Rhodes recently declared on Dynamite that the undisputed TNT Champion would be decided in a ladder match, and he clashed with Guevara this week at Beach Break.

The match had a lot of high spots, but the end of the match came when both men were standing at the top of the ladder exchanging strikes and Sammy grabbed a belt and swung it into Cody’s face to knock him off the ladder.

Sammy then grabbed both belts and celebrated at the top of the ladder to end the segment. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.