Luke Harper is one creepy dude. Well, that might be a bit harsh. But he is misunderstood, to say the least. For months he has been using his Twitter account to remind fans what day it is and then he always says “you know what that means” afterward.

It’s a very strange tactic and fans have often wondered what he means by his posts. But he is diligent in his daily task and posts every day. We have no idea what it means to be any certain day of the week, but we’re certainly intrigued.

We also have no idea what Luke Harper means by making a close-up shot of a zipper his profile picture. It’s all very strange and just adds to his appeal, to be honest.

Tyler Breeze is a lot of things besides a member of one of the most entertaining tag teams to come through WWE since The New Day first started doing their thing. But Prince Pretty isn’t just a pretty face, he’s also got a brain between his ears. Because it seems Breeze has cracked Luke Harper’s code. Or at least he gave us a good explanation.

It might not be the real reason why Luke Harper keeps reminding us what day it is, but it works for us. It also makes us very hungry. We’ll just give Tyler Breeze the win here and call it a day. Besides, you know what that means. It means we’re going to eat a ton of pancakes.

Later on, Tyler Breeze replied to a fan asking him if he knew what Luke Harper means by his ominous tweets. His reply was a succinct and almost rhetorical question. After all, Breeze had already figured it out. Now, let’s get some pancakes!

Today is a special day for a lot of people. Some are preparing for a Memorial Day Holiday or a massive party. But Seth Rollins has another reason to celebrate today because he’s turning 31 years old.

Happy birthday to The King Slayer from everyone here at Still Real To Us.