It’s no big secret that WWE has TV rights contracts with USA Network and FOX that are up in 2024, and the wrestling world is wondering what the future holds for the red and blue brands. FOX has been SmackDown’s home on Friday nights since 2019, but it looks like SmackDown could potentially be moving networks.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the belief is Raw and NXT will both be staying on USA and that WWE will be looking for a big price increase for both shows.

It’s also being reported that time will tell what the future holds for SmackDown, but the feeling is that FOX isn’t going to want to pay $300 million per year for SmackDown. Disney and Amazon are the two companies most in contention for SmackDown at the moment.

If the rights go to Disney then ABC or FX could be a possibility for SmackDown’s new home. Depending on where SmackDown ends up it’s possible that the show could move networks as well as the show currently airs on Fridays because that’s what FOX wanted. Stay tuned for more updates on the future of SmackDown as they become available.