The winner of this match will get a shot at The Club’s Raw World Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania. Both of these teams have been vying for the same opportunity and tonight was the time to settle it.

Enzo got this Detroit crowd pumped and had everyone saying “how you doin’?” They’re so over it’s ridiculous. Enzo says he has a gift for Sheamus and Cesaro after referencing that coffee bit from last week. He gets a coffee cup which is available at the WWE Shop and plugs their products. That was clever. Big Cass cut a great promo that made a lot of March Madness references and capped it off with an 8-Mile mention which got a huge pop.

Cesaro and Sheamus came down and didn’t waste any time before they got physical. Cass turned it around and used his size advantage on Cesaro for a sidewalk slam. Sheamus got the tag and tried to keep the pressure on Colin Cassady, but they traded stiff shots until Enzo got the tag.

Big Cass shows what you’re supposed to do with your best friend as he threw Enzo as hard as he could into Sheamus as he was on the mat. Enzo took a stiff looking clothesline from Cesaro and then an impressive double-team move from the heel team. Enzo kept taking damage and ended up on the outside, he ran around tried to get the tag off to Cass, but he was pulled back at the last moment.

Of course, he got the tag off and Cass started to clean house. He hit Cesaro with a fallaway slam and a big splash in the corner. Sheamus got the blind tag and hit Cass with a top rope shoulder block.

Big Cass fought off Sheamus and hit him with a big boot which sent both men outside. The Club appeared outta nowhere and took Sheamus and Cass out. The ref called for the bell and The Club kept up the assault.

It looks like The Club figured out how to keep their spotlight.

Backstage Mick Foley got in The Club’s face and told them that they’ll defend their titles in a triple threat match against. Enzo and Big Cass and Sheamus and Cesaro at WrestleMania.