Over the last few years fans have seen WWE release a number of wrestlers, but the company went on a big of a signing spree after Triple H took over creative last summer.

It’s been reported that WWE is interested in signing former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Jay White, and it seems that right now the powers that be seem to think things are looking good. WrestleVotes recently spoke to GiveMeSport about Jay White’s status, and it was noted that Triple H feels confident when it comes to potentially signing him. It was also noted that the longer White doesn’t show up in AEW the better it looks for WWE.

“I heard recently from a source that the longer that Jay White doesn’t show up in Jacksonville, the more confident WWE is.”

However, it’s being said that WWE doesn’t feel the same way about potentially signing Kota Ibushi. The feeling is that Ibushi doesn’t want to sign a long term deal with WWE or AEW.

There’s currently no word on when Jay White could potentially appear on WWE programming if he does sign as it’s not guaranteed that he will be joining the company, but WWE seems to be optimistic when it comes to the possibility of signing him. Stay tuned for updates.