triple h

Triple H took over WWE creative back in July and he’s been making some changes to WWE programming. It’s been rumored that The Game is considering removing the Hell in a Cell premium live event from WWE’s schedule, and there’s also been talk of the Money in the Bank matches being added to the WrestleMania card.

During the Survivor Series post-show press conference Triple H addressed the future of premium live events that are based around gimmicks, and he noted that it’s something that’s being discussed on a regular basis.

“So, I hear this speculation among fans about Hell in a Cell, Money in the Bank, Elimination Chamber – maybe those things should go away. Some of that, I hear. Hell in a Cell, I hear it. I had a highlight of my career in sorta (Mick) Foley & I calling each other out on Hell in a Cell. But then when you get into Elimination Chamber, nobody is going to go, ‘I challenge you to an Elimination Chamber match with five other guys.’ It doesn’t work, right?  

“Same thing – ‘I challenge you to Money in the Bank.’ There’s a difference there. I think we have to reevaluate all of that, we have to look at that, and it’s really about looking at the overall calendar and saying, ‘What is the best place to put this? What is the best way to entertain our fans? What makes the most sense?’ It’s no different than when you look at a show and go, ‘OK, this match has to deliver.’ But it can’t take away from the rest of the show. It’s all about the whole arcing story of what we’re doing right now, and then it’s the whole year of what we put out. Altogether, there are so many layers to what we do; you have to keep in mind all of those, and we’ll do that moving forward. But it’s still up in the air, it’s something we think about on a regular basis.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.