hideo itami

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw featured some big moments, and one of those moments happened to be the main roster debut of Hideo Itami.

Hideo Itami already confirmed a few days ago that he would be joining the main roster this week, but it was believed that he would be appearing on 205 Live, so he surprised the world when he showed up on Raw and saved Finn Balor from a beat down courtesy of Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.

Itami and Balor then teamed up against Axel and Dallas and Itami managed to pick up a big win for his team.

There’s been a buzz around Hideo Itami since he first joined NXT, but unfortunately he hit a few roadblocks during his run with WWE’s developmental brand. Now he’s set to kick off a new chapter of his career, and Triple H welcomed him to the main roster on Monday night.

Fans haven’t seen John Cena since he lost to Roman Reigns at the No Mercy pay-per-view a few weeks ago, but WWE has confirmed that Cena will be making his return to Raw on Christmas Day.


  1. Umm last time I checked John Cena was on the Smackdown Survivor Series team and got pinned by Kurt Angle which was a month ago.