triple h

Last July, Vince McMahon retired from WWE and Triple H was put in charge of creative. Now that Vince has returned to WWE and is pursuing a sale there have been a lot of questions regarding the state of creative within the company.

Fightful Select reports that Triple H held a meeting ahead of Friday Night SmackDown this week to help calm the nerves of some talent as numerous talent have been concerned about creative ever since Vince McMahon forced his way back into the WWE.

Triple H reportedly assured talent that Vince has returned to WWE to help lead the charge and figure out a possible sale of the company if that is indeed what happens. The Game squashed ideas that a sale is a done deal while emphasizing that if a sale happens it will take a lot longer.

The concerns of many talents were said to be calmed when Triple H stated that what is happening will not affect what happens in creative or the team that currently helps to put it together. It was noted that Triple H said anything can change, but as of right now Vince McMahon defers all final creative decisions to Triple H. The former WWE Champion said that while he and Vince may have discussions, it’s Triple H who makes the final call.

Triple H also reportedly thanked talent for all that they do while saying that he understands the concerns. Stay tuned for update.