The theme song is an easy way to help build a Superstar’s persona.

Often times an entrance song can either make or break a wrestler.

Here is a list of my top 5 favorite current theme songs that I believe fit the superstars character.


5.) Mark Henry:  “Some Bodies Gonna Get It”

When you see Mark Henry  waddle down the ramp you know for a fact somebodies bout to get their wig split. His theme song is basically an anthem for what is about to happen and to that I say well done to the Three 6 Mafia for realizing that Mark Henry is one human you don’t want to be in the way of. If Mark Henry alone doesn’t strike fear into his opponent then you get bet if they believe the threats that come from his entrance music they will check themselves into his HALL OF PAIN.




4.) The Wyatt Family “Live in Fear” (Broken Out in Love)

This song is exactly what should be playing when the disturbing Wyatt family make their way to the squared circle. It has the creepy factor to also go along with the insane calmness that Bray often portrays. The lyrics seem to be thoughts plucked right from Bray Wyatts mangled mind. When this starts to play there is an instant feeling in your gut, almost like you’ll be the next one to FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS




3.) Dolph Ziggler  “Here To Show The World”

This has that instant pop when it starts which is always a great thing. Think back to when he cashed in his MITB contract and “IM HERE TO SHOW THE WORLD” started blaring throughout the arena. People instantly jumped to their feet. The words fit his cocky attitude so perfectly that you would be led to believe that he could’ve HBK’ed it and sang it with passion. Hopefully Dolph shows the world that he has another title run left in him.



2.) The SHIELD “Special OP”

SIERRA, HOTEL, INDIA, ECHO, LIMA, DELTA… Admit it this is what you say to yourself any and everytime you walk down some stairs. It is just an in your face old school style theme song and it works so well with the Shield as they walk through the crowd looking more and more pissed off every week.



1.) CM Punk “Cult of Personality)

He’s the Best in the WORLD and also he stands alone as a character in the WWE. He’s incomparable to anybody on the roster. It has also been said that he is the new leader in the locker room since Undertaker has since been relegated to just Mania apperances. So with all that being said this song fits CM Punk better than anyone elses theme music. This dude is a living Legend who seems to be just entering a new Prime of his career. He just delivers. He really is the BEST IN THE WORLD.