TNA Turning Point Results 11/21/2013

TNA opened the show with an on-camera shot of Mike Tenay and Taz sitting at the announce position. Tenay said James Storm was the victim of an “unprovoked attack” by Bobby Roode last night. Tenay then fed to footage of Roode jumping Storm in a bar and beating him up. The babyface, Storm, didn’t fight back in the bar fight, setting up Roode on the advantage heading into their bullrope match tonight on Impact.

Next was a video package setting the stage for tonight’s “Turning Point” special. The focus was on Dixie Carter’s TNA Title tournament. Plus, Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson in a high-stakes No DQ match.

Backstage, Dixie Carter walked up to Samoa Joe to talk about his tournament match tonight. Carter said while her performance last week was outstanding, Joe’s was not. Dixie gave her student a little warning that if he ever takes a tone with her again, he will find himself wrestling in third-world countries like pesos with his buddy, A.J. Styles. Dixie squealed that if – a big “if” – Joe wins the tournament, he needs to get a title unification idea out of his head. Dixie told Joe to stay put because she’s pretty sure the fans would rather see her first.

In-ring: Dixie Carter was introduced to the ring to start the show. Dixie thanked the fans for their warm reception as the crowd booed. Dixie said she has to thank Sports Illustrated for a major article on her launched today. Unfortunately, though, she has to publicly address A.J. Styles. Dixie, tweaking her voice to sound like Beth Moore, said she feels no pity toward Styles wrestling for minimum wage, then vowed to make sure no one makes money off her TNA Title again.

Suddenly, James Storm’s music interrupted Dixie mid-sentence. Storm marched to the ring dressed to wrestle with possession of a bullrope. Storm said he’s pretty sure that Dixie saw what happened last night when he was sitting at the bar having some drinks when Bobby Roode jumped him from behind to try to cost him his spot in the TNA Title tournament. And, he has a bullrope in his hand. But, this rope is not enough. Storm said he wanted to use some chairs, tables, dentures, fake legs, whatever he can get his hands on. And since they’re back in Orlando, he wants a Florida Death Match.

Dixie responded that she’s not responsible for what Storm does in the bar on his time. Storm countered that Orlando PD asked him if he wanted to press charges, but he said he wanted to settle it in the ring on his terms. So, if Dixie doesn’t give him the match, he’s going to press charges, have Roode arrested, and the whole tournament will be screwed up. Dixie did not appreciate his tone, so Storm tried to play the “it’s for the fans!” card. Dixie did not appreciate the tone or him backing her into a corner.

So, Storm asked pretty please if he could have the match and he will make sure the police are not involved. Dixie said since Storm asked nicely and she wants to make sure there are no problems at her show, then he has the match. Storm threw down the mic in celebration, then left the ring as Dixie shook her head in frustration.

Still to come: Joseph Park vs. Abyss. Or something to that effect. Plus, the potential end of Aces & Eights if Mr. Anderson beats Bully Ray.

[Q2] In-ring: Magnus’s music played to bring out Magnus for the opening match. Samoa Joe’s music played next, but there was no sign of Joe. His music stopped, then TNA cut backstage to show Joe standing backstage. Joe told Magnus to get back here and get some since it’s Falls Count Anywhere. So, Magnus left the ring and Impact cut to break just as the bell sounded.

[Commercial Break at 9:16]

1 — SAMOA JOE vs. MAGNUS — TNA Title First Round match — Falls Count Anywhere match

Back from break, Joe and Magnus were shown walking together, apparently trying to leave the building? Joe then cut off their departure by running Magnus into a side of the sound studio. After a replay of events during the commercial, the former Main Event Mafia members were on the stage continuing their fight. Joe and Magnus moved back to the ring to get a better look at the new Impact Zone in a different sound studio. It looks professional and not too much different from the road TV tapings positioned in one corner of arenas, even with some aspects of the set-up looking like a WCW Saturday Night taping.

As for the match, Joe and Magnus battled to the top turnbuckle, where Magnus knocked Joe down to the mat before coming off the top with an elbow drop. But, Magnus couldn’t put Joe away. So, Joe nailed a suicide elbow dive on the outside. And, since it’s FCA, Joe was able to make a cover, but it was only good for two.

“Let’s Go Joe!” from the crowd as the match reset at 10:00. Meanwhile, Magnus tried to locate a weapon. He found a chair to his liking and wedged it between the ropes before uppercutting Joe. Joe reversed a whip into the chair, then applied a rear-naked choke on the floor. Magnus flailed his arms to sell losing control, but then found life to ram Joe back-first into the ring apron.

Joe then carelessly charged Magnus, Magnus ducked, and Joe went face-first into the wedged chair. Magnus covered Joe on the floor for the pin and the win. Tenay noted it’s almost as if Joe beat himself there. Joe then woke up and realized he lost, drawing a frustrated response.

WINNER: Magnus at 11:19 to advance in the tournament.

Backstage: Joseph Park talked to himself about finally being able to end the speculation about Abyss. Park took a deep breath and kept on walking. Park Family Reunion is next.

[Commercial Break at 9:28] [Q3…]

[…Q3] Back from break, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels were on the way to the ring. Kaz did the talking that they plan on enjoying watching this spectacle featuring “that big tub of cheese,” Joseph Park. Park was then introduced the ring as Bad Influence sat down ringside for a closer look.

In the ring, Park told “you two hooligans” to sit down and shut up. Bad Influence took offense to this line of talk. Park then noted he has been trying to track down Abyss for 18 months. Now, they came face-to-face, one-on-one for the first time ever. Park said he will prove that he is not a loser, even if that means he takes a beating from his brother tonight. Park then handed the mic to Christy Hemme tointroduce the un-named TV champion, Abyss.

Abyss’s music played, but there was no sign of Abyss as Park did a goofy facial expression. Hemme re-introduced Abyss, the music replayed, and Taz wondered if he’s hard of hearing. Kaz then took the mic and mocked Park, telling him he better start entertaining. Daniels then spoke that Park is not a man. “You’re a human water bed…mattress. A bag of mayonnaise with a law degree and cheap track suit,” Daniels said.

Daniels added that Park is an embarrassment to his mother, father, and entire family. He asked if he’s going to start crying now. Daniels asked if he has to punch him in the face to get him to be a man. Oh wait, they need blood. Kaz then dumped a big bucket of red food coloring over Park. Daniels asked Park what he’s going to do. “Where’s the fire? Where’s the monster, huh?” Daniels said. Daniels said all that’s inside Park is a failure, loser, and waste of space. “You don’t deserve to be in my ring, in the same state as us, on this planet,” he shouted in Park’s face.

Park did the dejected walk-away toward the ring ropes, but Daniels kept pushing. Daniels told Park to leave and never come back. Park made it half-way up the ramp, turned around, and did a sad look toward the ring. Kaz told him to get out of here. So, he did and kept walking to the back. Tenay said he doesn’t get it because blood always triggers Park’s rage.

Still to come: Bully vs. Anderson.

[Commercial Break at 9:40]

Back from break, Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa were in the ring. Gail noted it’s Week Two of her Open Challenge, then called out this week’s opponent. Out came PWG regular Candice LeRae. Gail jumped her as soon as she entered the ring to start the match.


2 — KO champion GAIL KIM (w/Lei’D Tapa) vs. CANDICE LERAE — non-title match

Candice showed fight early on, but Gail asserted herself as the dominant Knockout in TNA by winning decisively with Eat Defeat. Afterward, Gail posed over Candice as Lei’D looked on approvingly.

WINNER: Gail at 1:52.

Backstage: James Storm was shown preparing for his Florida Death Match by rummaging around the props area for weapons.

[Commercial Break at 9:49]

Video Replay: A.J. Styles is still getting airtime. This video was delivered by the Friends of A.J. Styles, who presented Styles wrestling in Japan. Styles sent a message to Dixie Carter that she will never know what a real champion looks like.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash brought in Mr. Anderson, who appeared to have aged 10 years since last week’s Impact with saggy eyes, a scraggly beard, and his trucker cap positioned to expose his forehead. Anderson shouted that he will end Aces & Eights tonight.

Backstage: James Storm was approached by Gunner, his former TNA Tag Title partner. Gunner told Storm that he doesn’t need all of these weapons. Storm said there’s a difference between need and want – and he wants these weapons. Storm said he appreciates Gunner being a partner – the partner that Roode never was. Gunner said he has his back tonight, and always. Storm took off with the weapons, then Gunner stroked his beard and looked on approvingly.

Video Package: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm feud that started off as best friends when they were TNA tag champs. Then, Roode put the TNA Title ahead of Storm.

In-ring: Christy Hemme was standing by to announce the Florida Death Match. Out first was James Storm, complete with a trashcan full of weapons. Impact cut to break prior to Roode’s entrance.

[Commercial Break at 9:56. Impact was on a Twix commercial when the top of the hour hit.]

[Q5 — second hour] After the Twix commercial ended, Impact returned with Storm walking up the entrance ramp to smash Roode in the gut with a stick. It’s not Falls Count Anywhere, but the ref called for the bell anyways.

3 — JAMES STORM vs. BOBBY ROODE — TNA Title Tournament match — Florida Death match

Tenay said there are no rules to this match, then said there are rules that it’s a Last Man Standing match. Storm eventually drove Roode into the ring, where he jabbed him with a crutch. “Let’s Go Cowboy” chant from the new Impact Zone before Storm popped Roode with a metal cooking instrument that opened up a cut on Storm’s forehead. Roode then raged on Storm with crutch shots.

Storm came back with a cane shot to Roode’s crotch, which was covered by a trashcan. Roode responded with a boot to the area just above the crotchal region. Roode tried to follow with a corner catapult, but Storm blocked and popped Roode with a trashcan across the head. Roode sold with a Flair Flop, prompting ref Brian Hebner to apply a ten count. Roode answered at eight, then avoided Eye of the Storm and spinebustered Storm into a trashcan.

Reset at 7:00. Storm and Roode then traded trashcan lid shots to the head, which eventually put both men down on the mat. The ref applied a ten count on both men, and both men answered. Then, Storm dropped Roode with the Last Call superkick. Roode sold on the mat, then rolled to the floor, and grabbed a beer bottle from under the ring while on the floor. Storm tried to follow up, but Roode went 2011 on Storm with a beer bottle shot to the head from the outside. Just before Storm was counted out, Storm reached his feet to avoid a 10 count.

Reset at 10:00 with Roode retrieving weapons as Storm sold in the ring. In the ring, Roode set up various weapons before delivering an Attitude Adjustment into a series of chairs. Storm remained flat on his back as Roode celebrated prematurely. Storm shook and shook, then reached his feet before ten. Roode followed with with weapon shots while instructing Storm to die already.

For his next trick, Roode went under the ring to retrieve a barbed wire plywood board. Taz said Bobby has gone a bit too far here. Just as Roode was about to put Storm through the barbed wire, Gunner ran down to the ring with a towel in-hand. Gunner threw in the towel, ending the match before Roode put Storm through the barbed wire. Roode locked eyes with Gunner, then left the ring without further incident as the announcers said Roode crossed the line. Gunner checked on Storm as Impact cut to break.

WINNER: Roode at 11:58 to advance in the tournament. It was inevitable they would find a way out of a clean finish to the match since neither could afford a decisive loss here. So, they went for throwing in the towel in a death match. Now will there be months of Storm and Gunner having issues?

[Commercial Break at 10:13] [Q6…]

[…Q6] Back from break, Storm was upset at Gunner for throwing in the towel. “Why?!” Storm shouted at Gunner, who tried to explain why he threw in the towel. Storm threw the towel away, then recovered on the outside as Gunner contemplated whether he did the right thing. Storm pushed Gunner, who backed up and tried to stay cool. Gunner explained that Storm’s career could be over if he went through the barbed wire. It seemed to have worked out for Abyss, though. Storm continued to avoid eye contact with Gunner, then turned and stormed off.

Announcers: Tenay and Taz reacted to Gunner’s actions, then reviewed the TNA Title tournament brackets – Hardy vs. Roode and Angle vs. Magnus in the semi-finals.

Video: Christy Hemme was shown profiling former Gut Check’er Sam Shaw. Remember him? No? Don’t worry about it because it’s a new Sam Shaw. Sam, wanting to be known as Samuel, tried to wow Christy by noting he went to art school. Shaw sat down on his studio couch and showed off some drawings to Christy, who feigned excitement over Sam’s story.

Christy thanked Sam(uel), then the video “cut” and TNA went to “post-taping footage” of Christy saying she hopes he likes the piece. Sam asked Christy out, and she obliged. Christy wrote down her number on a piece of paper, then left. Sam went from nice to creepy, re-arranging the pad with Christy’s number with a frown on his face.

Backstage: Two random fans were shown sitting somewhere. Ethan Carter III then walked in and TNA revealed it was Norv Fernum and Dewey Barnes sitting in a holding area. ECIII said he flew them down to Orlando to tell them they suck after their “epic” feud. ECIII said he’s instead facing a TNA Original tonight and he’s a little nervous, but he’ll manage.

Backstage: Aces & Eights interrupted Jeremy Borash’s on-camera. Brooke then “interviewed” Bully Ray about facing Mr. Anderson. Bully said he’ll take care of Anderson, then make sure he takes care of Anderson’s pregnant wife. Ray, satisfied with his tough talk, walked off.

[Commercial Break at 10:24]

Backstage: Kurt Angle said Magnus is one of the best wrestlers today. He talked up Magnus, who he faces in the TNA Title tournament. A random man then walked up to Angle and said Dixie Carter needs to see him right now.

Back in the Impact Zone, the lights went out. After a pause, Ethan Carter III made his ring entrance. Tenay wondered who the returning legend is that ECIII spoke of earlier. After ECIII posed in the ring, Carter took the mic.

[Q7] Carter said it’s time for him to raise his level of competition. So, tonight, he faces a returning legend. He asked the crowd to rise to their feet and pay accolades to his opponent… Shark Boy. “This is a joke, right?” Taz wondered aloud.


Ref Earl Hebner called for the bell and Carter dropped Shark with a right hand. Shark got in some offense, then stumbled around the ring allowing Carter to nail Shark with his facebuster finisher for the pin and the win. Post-match: ECIII took the mic and announced who he is.

WINNER: ECIII at 2:10.

Up Next: Ray vs. Anderson high-stakes. But, first, a video review of how they arrived at this match starting when Aces & Eights had double the numbers they have now.

Backstage: TNA showed a split-screen of Ray smooching Brooke and Anderson walking down the hallway with purpose ahead of the main event.

[Commercial Break at 10:37]

Backstage: Kurt Angle wondered why Bobby Roode was in his space. Dixie Carter then walked in and noted they’re here because of her. Dixie said next week is Thanksgiving, which means turkey, tradition, and Impact. She told them to focus on her, not each other, and give everyone the best main event ever. Dixie booked them in a Dixie Carter Thanksgiving four-on-four elimination Survivor Series tag match. Angle and Roode went back to staring each other down.

In-ring: Aces & Eights’s music played to bring out Bully Ray and Brooke as Taz mustered confidence in Ray to save the club. Mr. Anderson was then introduced dressed in A.J. Styles-like wrestling pants. Suddenly, TNA music played. Out came Angle, Gunner, Samoa Joe, Magnus, agent Pat Kenney, Daniels, Kazarian, and other wrestlers on-stage to ensure that Aces & Eights is over after this match. JB then handled formal ring introductions as the show looked more and more like WCW Saturday Night based on the camera shots. In the middle of JB’s ring intro, Anderson tackled Bully to officially begin the match.


5 — BULLY RAY (w/Brooke) vs. MR. ANDERSON — No DQ match — if Ray wins, Anderson is gone from TNA; if Anderson wins, Aces & Eights must disband

Anderson completed his ring entrance in Bully’s face, then clotheslined him to the mat after delivering a crotch shot. Ray slipped to the outside selling the effects as Brooke tried to comfort him. Ray then shoved Brooke into Anderson on the outside, using her as a shield to knock over Anderson. TNA cut to a shot of Joe and Magnus standing together on-stage, taking viewers out of the moment after Joe and Magnus destroyed each other in the opening match. Impact cut to break with Bully dominating and talking trash in the process.

[Commercial Break at 10:48]

Back from break 9 minutes before the top of the hour, there was a table in the ring. Ray teased a table move, but Anderson avoided, only to walk into a big boot from Ray. Ray then trashed talk in Anderson’s face, so Anderson slapped him, only to have Bully smash him with a corner clothesline. Ray slowed the pace before grabbing a chain and whipping it across Anderson’s back. Ray tried a running chain-aided elbow drop, but Anderson avoided.

Reset at 9:00 with both men coming to their feet. This time, Anderson had the chain. He whipped it across Ray’s back once, then twice. He wanted a third blow, but Ray ducked and nailed a uranage for a two count. Ray then chucked Anderson to the floor.

On the outside, Ray ripped away the floor padding before teasing a piledriver, but Anderson back-dropped Ray onto the exposed tarp. Anderson then teased a piledriver, but Ray blocked. Suddenly, Knux hopped the rail and blasted Anderson from behind. Knux lost control, though, as he was whipped into the ring steps. Anderson then exposed more ring padding before piledriving Knux onto the floor. Anderson removed Knux’s A&E jacket for good measure, but lost sight of Ray, who blasted Anderson from behind.

Back in the ring, Anderson avoided a corner attack, teased the Mic Check, Bully avoided, then Bully tackled Anderson through the corner table. Both men sold the effects of the move, as Ray went head-first into the table as he crunched Anderson. Ray recovered, then covered Anderson for a close two count. Next, Brooke ran over to the announce table and retrieved a hammer from Taz. Brooke tried tossing the hammer to Bully, but she overshot and Anderson received the hammer. Anderson smashed Ray, then dropped him with the Mic Check for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Tenay clapped it up as Anderson removed Bully’s A&E jacket in the ring. Angle then walked over to an angry Taz, who removed his A&E jacket as Joe watched. Taz called it a nightmare as Anderson celebrated in the ring, Angle tossed Taz’s jacket to Anderson, and Anderson stood tall to close the show.

WINNER: Anderson at 13:02 to end Aces & Eights.

Next Week: Roode vs. Angle in an elimination match. Plus, Mr. Anderson hosts the Aces & Eights funeral.

(Credit: Report by James Caldwell,