TMZ is reporting on their website that Jake “The Snake” Roberts has cancer. Their article reads: 

Jake “The Snake” Roberts has a cancerous tumor behind his knee … and the wrestler says it’s slowly growing into his muscle — so he needs emergency surgery to remove the growth.

Roberts tells TMZ … he noticed a tumor behind his knee the size of a half dollar last month so he had it tested … and on Friday doctors told him the test came back positive for cancer.

Jake says he’s scheduled to go under the knife Tuesday morning … and after a few weeks off — he’ll make his return to Jersey Championship Wrestling on March 14th — cancer, or not.

Jake adds, “If the devil can’t defeat me, cancer doesn’t stand a chance in hell! Pray for sick children who face this horrible disease ’cause The Snake will be just fine.”

As for his upcoming induction into the WWE Hall of Fame … the wrestler says nothing will stop him from getting to New Orleans for the ceremony.