the undertaker

The Undertaker is without a doubt one of the most legendary wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring, but the former WWE Champion wrestled his last match when he defeated AJ Styles in a Graveyard Match at WrestleMania 36.

Last year at Survivor Series The Undertaker said goodbye to the WWE Universe, and it doesn’t sound like he has any plans to get back in the ring. Recently The Deadman spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the new Netflix movie Escape The Undertaker, and he explained why doesn’t see himself coming out of retirement.

“As of this moment, my days in the ring are done. And it’s not because I don’t want to be in the ring. That’s where I’ve spent most of my adult life, my whole life really has been spent in the wrestling or sports entertainment ring. In my mind I still can see everything and in my heart I want to be out there.

“But it’s at the point where my body can’t deliver what my mind and my heart see. My body can’t deliver that and I just don’t want to cheapen the legacy of that character. And I’d hate for people to pay money to see me work and be disappointed.”

Escape The Undertaker is currently streaming on Netflix.

H/T Wrestling Inc.