the undertaker

It’s been a while since fans have seen The Undertaker on WWE programming, as The Deadman hasn’t wrestled a match on TV since he faced Rusev at the Greatest Royal Rumble back in April.

But WWE has been hyping up Taker’s next match which is set to take place in October when he faces Triple H for the last time ever at WWE Super Show-Down.

Various WWE Superstars and former Superstars have been talking about the match recently, and this week Shawn Michaels appeared on Raw to share his thoughts on the big confrontation.

Michaels wasn’t the only legend who appeared on Raw this week, as The Undertaker also made his return to TV.

HBK made his way down to the ring, and he said that he thinks Triple H has a lot more left in the tank than Taker does, and that the Cerebral Assassin is going to assassinate The Deadman at WWE Super Show-Down.

The fans went crazy as Taker entered the ring, and he grabbed a mic then told Shawn Michaels, “I think, this just became personal.”

The fans chanted “Undertaker.”

Taker said he put both Triple H and HBK down, but because of their egos neither one of them can accept it, and HBK only picked Triple H as the winner because Taker ended his career.

HBK said he’s a man of his word, and someone had to restore faith in the system and stay true to their retirement.

He said he’s stayed retired out of respect for Taker. The fans then chanted “one more match.”

Michaels said every year he gets offered millions of dollars to return, but he won’t do it out of respect.

Taker then asked, “is it respect or is it fear?”

Undertaker then said if Michaels came out of retirement, he would put him down all over again, and at Super Show-Down he’s going to put Triple H down again.

Taker then left as HBK looked at him with resentment.