We’ve all seen incredible montages where a hero accomplishes a lot of trivial and sometimes boring actives all in the span of a 3-minute song about a hero’s destiny or something like that. Rocky Balboa had some amazing training montages for sure, and Rodney Dangerfield’s great montage while studying in the film “Back To School” is second to none. Well, The Rock just put all of those them to shame in a recent video he posted on his official YouTube channel.

“The Rock’s Ultimate Workout” shows Dwayne Johnson taking his body to its breaking point, and for a guy like The Rock that takes a lot of effort. The video makes us tired just watching it, and honestly this writer might not be able to do any of these activities for the entire 4-minute length of the actual YouTube video, even if a 3-minute break was taken.

The Rock is a fantastic athlete who puts himself through this kind of torture on a daily basis. When he says that you have to earn it, he practices what he preaches.

Dwayne Johnson might have a lot on his plate with his producing, acting, and possible political aspirations. But, through everything he’s got his hands in he’s still able to find the time for this kind of grueling workout regiment. We’re certainly just as impressed with The Rock as we ever were, that’s for sure.