the rock

The Rock has been popping up everywhere as of late, which really isn’t a new thing because we should have gotten used to seeing Dwayne Johnson every time we turn around at this point. He’s a media darling, a bonafide ass-kicker, and he’s got a soft side the size of a Buick.

The Rock is also hilarious. When he hosted Saturday Night Live in 2000, fans certainly got an amazing treat for staying up that late. His frequent appearances as “The Rock Obama” in later seasons were just about the funniest thing we’ve ever seen as well.

Since then he’s broken Hollywood wide open and is now the highest grossing movie star on the planet. Therefore it should come as no surprise he’s getting another crack at hosting Saturday Night Live.

But, when The Rock hosts SNL, it needs to be a special thing. That is why the folks over at Saturday Night Live chose The Rock to wrap up their 42nd season in a big way. It’s going be be outstanding we’re sure of that. We’re also certain the one thing The Rock will be cooking on May 20th is hilarity (yeah, we went there).

Gentleman Jack Gallagher is a cruiserweight sensation. Along with his trusty umbrella William III, he has respectfully broken the mold of what a top face on 205 Live can be, and he’s done it all with his pinky up like a true Gentleman.

Gallagher recently had the chance to speak to two brilliant minds of British Wrestling in Johnny Saint and William Regal. There’s no shortage of things the 27-year-old Gentleman Jack can learn from these two. It’s great to know Jack’s got his head on straight and is getting advice from two people who can offer him so much. Cheers Jack. We’re rooting for you, old bean!