kofi kingston

This week on SmackDown Live, Kofi Kingston thought he got one step close to challenging Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title at WrestleMania, but after Kofi won a grueling Gauntlet Match, Vince McMahon put one more obstacle in front of him.

Vince booked Kofi in one more match against Daniel Bryan, and it was Bryan who picked up the win.

WWE shared a backstage video on their social media channels of Xavier Woods telling Kofi Kingston that he thinks they should quit WWE, and Big E agreed. Kofi disagreed, then Woods and Big E told him that they’ve done everything they could in WWE, and the casino is telling them that they can’t beat the house.

Kofi continued to push against the idea of quitting, and Big E tried to convince him by saying that he would be able to see his kids every week.

Kingston fired back by saying that if they quit, Vince wins and Daniel Bryan wins too.

At this point Daniel Bryan still doesn’t have an opponent for WrestleMania, so it will be interesting to see how this all falls into place in the weeks to come.