bullet club

The Bullet Club is fine but Cody Rhodes felt that they needed a new logo anyway. It was quite a shocking announcement when the self-proclaimed leader of the Bullet Club said that a new logo was on the way. Now that it is here there are plenty of differing opinions.

The new logo hit the Internet Wrestling Community and people were immediately expressing their opinion of the new design. The guns were replaced with cigars and the classic BC skull now has bleach blonde hair. It is a very Cody Rhodes-inspired piece of work for sure.

As the Bullet Club members seem to be headed toward big feuds between each other it seems that this logo change was a plot device on the way to possibly cause a bigger rift in the future. But the fact is those guys are making a ton of money together and it is unlikely the gravy train will slow down anytime soon for the BC crew.

But Cody’s new logo design was apparently not very well received by fans. His fellow Bullet Club members obviously didn’t like it too much either and a public outcry of sorts started before our eyes.

This only adds to the intensity between Bullet Club members as things appear uncertain. But they’re still playing boyband and appear to be having a good time so that’s fun too.

But One Hour Tees recently sent out a message from Nick and Matt Jackson saying: “Due to the overwhelming response to Cody’s proposed logo change. Matt & Nick Jackson, with the support of the Bullet Club, have opted to NOT change the logo.”

So it looks like Cody Rhodes’ big idea for a new logo didn’t receive the welcome he probably hoped for. But on the bright side, at least they have one more cool t-shirt to sell.