the undertaker

Future WWE Hall of Famer, Teddy Long recently appeared on The Ross Report where he discussed several topics including why The Undertaker left World Championship Wrestling for the World Wrestling Federation in 1990. “Mean Mark” Callous traded in his WCW gimmick for Kane The Undertaker (his original WWF name, believe it or not) because he was getting such a terrible deal with the southern-fried company.

Teddy Long explains (via Wrestling Inc), “I think I had a meeting with [Jim Herd] on time, me The Undertaker did then. Me and him, and Mark had a meeting, I think. That was the meeting where we sat down and I was trying to find out what they were going to do with me and Mark was trying to find out where he was going. And so, I think that’s when Mark left and went to work for Vince because I think they said he was never draw a dime and they only offered him but a low-ball amount of money, so Mark just headed on up.”

Obviously Jim Herd and the rest of creative in WCW didn’t know a good thing when they had it. We bet they were kicking themselves when Vince repackaged Mark Calaway into the iconic Undertaker we know today. That image of him being led to the ring by Brother Love during the 1990 Survivor Series is still one of the greatest moments in professional wrestling history, and that character could have been WCW’s if they only knew what to do with him.

WWE is celebrating International Women’s Day by retweeting several superstars who have sent out their best regards on this day in which we honor women. Natalya and Maryse have gotten into the festivities as well as a certain Face That Runs The Place.

Who knew AJ Styles had such a sweet tooth? But he obviously wants a piece of that cupcake.