#6 – WrestleMania 2 Is The Only WrestleMania That Has Taken Place On A Monday

Sunday is a day that’s synonymous with WrestleMania so it’s hard to believe, but WrestleMania 2 was actually held on a Monday. The event took place on Monday April 7, 1986 and it was also the only WrestleMania to be held in 3 separate venues.


#5 – Daniel Bryan Has Won 3 Different Championships At Night Of Champions

Daniel Bryan has had some pretty good luck at Night of Champions. Bryan defeated The Miz in 2010 to win the U.S. Title, then teamed with Kane to defeat Kofi Kingston and R-Truth in for the Tag Team Titles in 2012 and he also defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in 2013.


#4 – John Cena Makes An Appearance In The WCW Movie “Ready To Rumble”

When you hear the name John Cena you automatically think WWE, but back in the day he made a quick appearance in the WCW film “Ready to Rumble.” In the clip above you can catch a quick glimpse of Cena, and his haircut, in all their glory at the left of the screen.


#3 – Cesaro Beat Future Tag Team Partner Tyson Kidd In His WWE Debut

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd were on quite the roll in 2015 before Kidd got injured. They make an awesome team so it’s ironic that Cesaro actually beat Tyson Kidd during his debut WWE match back in 2012.


#2 – The Rock Defeated Three Of Wrestling’s Biggest Icons At WrestleMania

The Rock is a huge name in the world of professional wrestling and he’s beaten 3 of the biggest icons in this business at the “granddaddy of them all.” Rock beat Hogan at WrestleMania 18, then went on to beat Steve Austin the next year at WrestleMania 19. Ten years after beating Hulk Hogan, The Rock defeated John Cena in their first encounter at WrestleMania 28.


#1 – Shawn Michaels Has 6 Wins And 11 Losses At WrestleMania

Shawn Michaels is known for being “Mr. WrestleMania” because he always stole the show at the big event, but he didn’t always win. As a matter of fact he lost 11 of his matches at WrestleMania and won only 6 throughout his career.