john cena

Nickelodeon is set to revive “Blue’s Clues” and the show is currently searching for a new host. John Cena recently auditioned to be the new host, and even though it’s unclear if he was serious or not, the thought of Cena hosting the show is an interesting one to say the least.

TMZ recently caught up with former host Steve Burns to ask his thoughts on the “Blue’s Clues” reboot, and he said that it warms his heart to know the show is coming back.

However, he also said that he always like the fact that the show was hosted by a normal looking dude as opposed to someone who looks like Justin Bieber or a professional wrestler.

Steve then took things one step further when he jokingly challenged John Cena to a match.

“I think if John Cena is serious about hosting ‘Blue’s Clues’ he and I should wrestle for it. I’m calling you out Cena, right now.” reports that fans who attend the March 18 tapings for the TBS series “Drop The Mic” will be seeing a WWE vs. GLOW edition which is set to feature Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Carmella, and Alicia Fox with Kate Nash, Jackie Tohn, Sunita Mani and Britney Young representing GLOW.

The episode is set to be featured as part of the second season, but the date on which it will air has not been confirmed.