steve austin

Steve Austin is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time, so it’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two about how to get over with the fans. One current WWE star who is having a tough time getting the fans to support him is none other than Roman Reigns.

There are many fans out there who are calling for Roman Reigns to turn heel, but during a recent appearance on the Off The Board podcast, Austin said that he doesn’t think a heel turn is the answer for Roman Reigns.

“I think Roman is a star and I think WWE needs to continue to go down the path they’re going with him. They don’t need to flip him heel just arbitrarily to make the fans happy… I think Roman is a star. Now with that being said, is there still room for him to learn and grow? Oh, hell yeah. By leaps and bounds. He’s nowhere near where he will be in three or four years. But at this point in his career, with a few not-so-great booking ideas, but also a learning curve on his part, he is where he’s at and he’s a top guy on that roster and he’s still gonna keep improving and he has to because he’s not a seasoned veteran.”

Steve Austin rose to the top of the industry during the Attitude Era, which was an era of WWE that produced many of the company’s biggest stars. The WWE of today is quite different compared to the days of the Attitude Era, but Austin thinks Reigns would have thrived during that time period.

“You put that guy in that line up during the Attitude Era, with that roster of Hall of Famers, guys that have yet to be in the Hall of Fame, holy smokes, I think the guy could’ve been lights out because the competition was so hot, heavy, and fierce. It was sink or swim. You got a bunch of guys out there with knives and you get in the way and they will cut you, so, I think he would’ve thrived in the Attitude Era and right now, just with his looks, his size, his physicality, he’s gonna be just fine and he’s gonna be a big star.”

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