john cena

John Cena is the ultimate good guy. He’s been the face of the WWE for over 12 years now, and kids around the world look up to him and respect him as a role model.

However, John Cena’s goody two-shoes act has become stale for quite a few wrestling fans around the world, and many have been calling for him to turn heel for years.

One person who wanted John Cena to turn heel at one time is WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie recently appeared on the Cheap Heat Podcast, and she told Pete Rosenberg that although she wanted to see it happen, she’s glad it didn’t.

“At one point in his career I really wanted to see him turn heel. I wanted it, as a fan, and I also thought it was the right thing to do. But it turns out I was wrong.”

Pete Rosenberg asked her if she went as far as to fight for the turn, and she confirmed that she did, but she also confirmed that she’s over the idea.

“Oh yeah, totally I did, yeah. But I’m glad we didn’t go that way. I think now it would be odd for John to turn heel. I guess never say never because anything can happen in WWE, but I don’t think I would really miss it. I think that we would miss him, I don’t know that we would miss the heel turn.”

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Everyone out there seems to have their own idea as to how a John Cena heel turn should happen if WWE ever decides to pull the trigger, hopefully someday Stephanie McMahon will reveal the specifics of the idea that she pitched.

Do you still think John Cena should turn heel? How would you turn him if you were in charge? Sound off in the comments below.