stephanie mcmahon

Vince McMahon is quite possibly the most notorious man in the world of professional wrestling and over the years quite a few crazy Vince McMahon stories have made the rounds.

One thing several people have mentioned about Vince is that he hates sneezing, and his own daughter recently opened up about Vince’s infamous quirk.

Stephanie McMahon recently appeared on Barstool Sports’ The Corp podcast, and when she was asked if she’s ever sneezed around her father she confirmed she has.

“He doesn’t hate me for it but it’s always with like a grrr, a grimace. But on the flip side I’ve been around when he has sneezed,” Steph said.

When the host noted that Vince must have been embarrassed when he sneezed, Stephanie explained why he hates sneezing so much.

“A little bit that he can’t control. Well it’s just because he doesn’t like anything he can’t control the fact that he can’t control the sneeze is very, makes him upset.”

Stephanie also commented on her marriage to Triple H and said that it was a forbidden love.

“Forbidden love too, by the way. I was forbidden to date, you know the wrestlers. And then for him to take the ultimate risk and you know go after me the way he did it was all or nothing.”

There you have it folks. If you ever come into contact with Vince McMahon it’s probably best to try and avoid sneezing altogether.