Rusev is set to challenge for the United States Championship in a fatal 4 way match on Sunday, and The Bulgarian Brute has teased that he may be bringing a tank out for his entrance.

Rusev Day is all the rage right now, and fans can’t seem to stop chanting “Rusev Day” at events all around the globe. But Rusev’s popularity hasn’t exactly helped him get the push some fans would like to see him receive.

It was recently reported that Rusev was added to the US Title match due to his strong merchandise sales, but now it looks like there could be another reason why he was added to the bout.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider recently reported that one source claimed Rusev asked for his release because he was unhappy with how he was being used, so WWE added him to the title match. However, Johnson did note that he couldn’t confirm the report with a second source.

Rusev’s career has had its fair share of ups and downs over the last few years, and it was also rumored last summer that The Bulgarian Brute had requested his release.

Just a few weeks ago the former US Champion responded to a tweet from WWE, and jokingly asked if he was getting released.

One way or another it seems that the fans are fully behind Rusev, so hopefully the support from the fans will open up new opportunities for him in the weeks to come.