shinsuke nakamura

When WWE first signed Shinsuke Nakamura, fans started to talk about all of the possible dream matches he could have with all of the Superstars on the WWE roster.

But according to Shinsuke Nakamura, he had his heart set on a match with one specific WWE Superstar, and that Superstar is Daniel Bryan.

“One of the purposes of coming to WWE was to wrestle with Daniel Bryan,” Nakamura explained to “But now, I’ve got like a high possibility to wrestle with Daniel at like the biggest stage in wrestling history. So I’m so excited.”

When Shinsuke Nakamura first joined NXT, and eventually the WWE main roster, he was working as a face, but he noted that he actually feels better working as a heel.

“Actually, I’m feeling better than before, because all of my character came from the heel stuff,” Nakamura said. “So when I was in Japan, I was a heel, so I created my moves because I was a heel, so … (I would) use like a stomp to the face and then the vibration, like teasing the opponent.”

Hopefully Shinsuke Nakamura will get his chance to wrestle Daniel Bryan on a big stage in the future.

The two Superstars did end up facing off in a dark match back in May, but unfortunately the match ended after Shinsuke hit Bryan with the low blow.