shelton benjamin

You never know what kind of perils the road can bring you and Shelton Benjamin realizes this all too well. He recently had a rather scary situation where he found a loaded gun in his rental car and this understandably worried him a bit.

It all turned out for the best though and Shelton Benjamin is able to talk about it freely today. One of TMZ’s cameras recently caught up with Shelton at the airport and he seemed to be in great spirits when speaking about this nerve-wracking ordeal.

“Yeah, I found a little handgun in the glove compartment,” Shelton Benjamin said. When asked by the TMZ cameraman what he did, The Gold Standard had the following to say on the situation, “I called the cops […] everything ran through my head but I just wanted it out of my possession so I called the cops have them come take care of it.”

Apparently, the police officers didn’t seem to act like it was a big deal like they find loaded guns in rental cars all the time that don’t belong to the driver. If this is a growing trend, then we might have found a more dangerous fad than eating Tide Pods.

“The cops were just cool they see this kind of stuff all the time,” Benjamin said and then he addressed some of the dangers of the situation. “Me being a black guy in a car with a gun in it there’s no way that scenario ends well for me.”

Thankfully, Shelton Benjamin did the smart thing and called the authorities but it still doesn’t answer why there was a gun in his car. Some mysteries might never be answered but it was much better to see Benjamin come out alongside Chad Gable this week rather than writing a story about how he was picked up by Kansas City authorities because they found an unregistered loaded firearm in his possession.