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Survivor Series is shaping up to be a rather interesting pay-per-view event. There are plenty of possibilities on the horizon and one is rather intriguing because it involves Shane McMahon turning heel.

The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast usually hosts amazing pro wrestling conversations and this week was no different when Roberts welcome Wade Keller on the program to discuss the current WWE climate.

The conversation eventually rolled around to talking about Shane McMahon where a couple entertaining sounding ideas were posed concerning McMahon turning to the dark side.

“Who knows where this is going with Shane,” Sam Roberts said, “because as you said, him going and invading Raw is a mean thing to do and it has led to the beloved Daniel Bryan being beaten up which no fans want to see. Kevin Owens whole thing was that Shane wants to put himself ahead of everything, if his character is doing that, which it is, who knows that after Survivor Series someone brings up that he is becoming the next Mr.McMahon and letting power go to his head.”

“I would like that” Wade Keller replied, “but WWE hasn’t instilled in me a faith, based on the way that they portray, he has said if I am in a fight I was always taught to punch first. I don’t sense it’s part of a master plan but I don’t think you can rule it out. If Shane orchestrated this and Daniel is trying to clean the mess and Shane is turning it is a good pay-off. I’m not sure looking at the landscape what the payoff is, Stephanie can’t ever turn babyface so would you turn Triple H? Or you have him not worry about a match and have him try to fire Daniel Bryan.”

“You could have someone from SmackDown step up” Roberts theorized, “because there is going to be another big Shane McMahon match and I would think we will at least have one at WrestleMania if not the Royal Rumble, maybe he enters himself in the Rumble and that’s the catalyst and you have some hero eliminate Shane, you tell the same story the bad guys have told except this is true.”

Credit for the quotes in this article thanks for The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast


  1. Heel turn for Shane won’t make sense, it would be a failure just like A.J. Style’s heel turn was a failure. Keeping in mind that Stephanie is a Heel character, so if Shane also turns Heel and they both get back together, then there will be no point in brand split.