seth rollins

Seth Rollins has been a notorious loner in the past. He’s spoken to the Men’s Journal about how he travels alone a lot of the time, but that very well might have changed. On December 21st last year Seth Rollins tweeted that he was filming an episode of Ride Along with Cesaro and used the hashtag #BobAndTonyMakingTowns. Since then fans have used the hashtag to submit questions to both Seth and Cesaro.

Cesaro also started using the hashtag to let fans know what music is the menu for that night’s road trip while mentioning Rollins in the tweet.

Yesterday was National Hug Day and WWE was right on top of it by sending out a Tweet referring to Bayley as the #HuggerOfHuggers. Therefore WWE has the King of Kings in Triple H, and now the Hugger of Huggers in Bayley. Good deal.

Bayley retweeted several fan tweets concerning #NationalHugDay throughout the day, most notably a fan tweet which was retweeted by Renee Young featuring herself and Ms. Young in an awkwardly warm embrace.

Other superstars got in on the National Hug Day action as well. Nattie tweeted a picture of herself and Tyson Kidd. It’s great to see Tyson again, he really is missed and we wish him the speediest of recoveries. It was a shame that he even found himself cut out of this season of Total Divas. But it’s good to see that Nattie and TJ are still doing well, even if all fans get is a tweet to confirm it.