the shield

For years The Shield dominated WWE with an iron fist, but it’s been a while since fans have seen the trio interact with one another as all three members have gone on to find success as singles stars.

Roman Reigns is currently the top star in WWE as the company has been pushing him consistently for years now. During a recent interview with BT Sport, Seth Rollins noted that he felt like he was playing second fiddle to Reigns throughout his career, but he noted that there’s no animosity between the two of them.

“There was never any falling out, never any jealousy, never any ‘you don’t deserve this, I deserve this’ type of thing, it’s never been like that. He is immensely talented at what he does, and he is incredible as champion, has been, and in his role, especially obviously the last two years have been super special for him as a performer, so I take nothing away from him, but I just can’t do it in my heart to tell myself that someone’s better than me, or can do this better than I can so. At the end of the day this ain’t my sandbox and these aren’t my decisions to make so. But yeah there’s never been any butting of the heads it’s always been easy smooth sailing between him and I.”

Seth’s former tag team partner Jon Moxley went on to join All Elite Wrestling in 2019 after his WWE contract expired. According to Rollins he and Moxley aren’t as close as they once were, but they keep in touch when they can.

“Same. I don’t talk to him as much obviously, we’re both on opposite schedules and different stuff, but our baby girls are close to the same age. He’s not much of a texter, he’s an in-person cat. So, if there’s ever a chance, when we were out in Cincinnati last time I was there, I popped into the house and said hi and all that, checked in on him, and I do the same thing periodically just to see how he’s doing and stuff, and I’m close with Renee [Paquette] so we’re always exchanging baby pictures and what’s new with the kids and all that stuff. But yeah, again, never any animosity, he’s great, again, at the top of his game doing his thing over at AEW so, nothing but the best, I’ve never, between the three of us, and I can’t speak for the two of them, but they were closer than I was with either of those guys, as like friends off camera so, I assume that they’re still chill, I’ve never heard anything to the contrary. But yeah, I’ve always had a great relationship with those guys.”