The Bulgarian Brute is not a happy camper. Right now he’s nursing an injury but he said when he comes back he wants a WWE World Title shot at Money In The Bank. Obviously he doesn’t care whether he faces Randy Orton or Jinder Mahal. Rusev just wants to crush.

A couple of weeks ago Rusev made his presence known and demanded his title shot. Well, it’s been some time now and Shane McMahon hasn’t responded to Rusev’s demands. Now the Bulgarian Brute is getting angry. It’s not a good idea to keep him waiting.

Rusev said he’s tired of waiting and he is demanded an answer from Shane McMahon regarding an upcoming WWE World Title shot. If sitting at home and waiting for an answer isn’t getting the job done, then Rusev said he’s going to take chose means in order to get Shane’s attention.

Rusev said he’s going to be at SmackDown Live next week to get his response whether Shane McMahon likes it or not. He is getting rather impatient. After all, they haven’t even got Backlash out of the way yet. But Rusev wants what Rusev wants. You try telling him the logistics about booking a match or scheduling.

Rusev said he wants his title shot or he said he is going to walk out of WWE. He looks like he means it too. It also looks like he’s grown an awesome beard during his time away from WWE. Rusev doesn’t like being ignored. It would be hard to ignore someone of Rusev’s size and talent so Shane’s a pretty talented guy in that regard.

We’ll have to tune in to SmackDown Live next week to see how this all plays out. Only time will tell if Rusev gets what he wants. Let’s hope he gets that title shot for Shane McMahon’s sake.