Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, who is a former WWE backstage worker and is known for breaking WWE stories from time to time reports that Brock Lesnar’s new WWE deal is reportedly for $3 million a year ocer the course of three years 3 years. It’s been rumored that Brock has been making $5 million a year since his WWE return in 2011.

MetsFan4Ever also mentioned recently that due to the fact that Reigns isn’t receiving the type of crowd reaction WWE had hoped for, Triple H has been pushing for Lesnar to retain at WrestleMania. If this scenario plays out Lesnar would continue to make limited appearances and John Cena would headline shows as US Champion as well as Daniel Bryan doing the same as Intercontinental Champion.

MetsFan4Ever claims that Vince McMahon is now on board with Lesnar retaining the WWE championship and elevating the US and IC titles. He also mentions that Dean Ambrose is reportedly in line for a big push going into SummerSlam.

Another thing he mentioned is that the push Reigns is getting is being compared to Lex Luger’s push in 1993 and early 1994. Lex was supposed to win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania X but due to the fact that he failed to get over Bret Hart won the belt instead.

Although MetsFan4Ever has been known to break legitimate stories in the past, nothing is ever set in stone in wrestling until it happens. Take this all as a rumor for now.