Over the last few years NXT has gone through some major changes, but at one point The Undisputed Era was the most dominant stable on the brand. It seemed that The Undisputed Era was primed for greatness on the main roster, but they were never called up and several names from the group have parted ways with the company.

Road Dogg recently talked about The Undisputed Era on his Oh You Didn’t Know? podcast and he noted that they may not have gotten called up due to how they were perceived by Vince McMahon.

“We knew when it came time to shine, they were going to shine. Look, I thought they were going to be [called up to the main roster], too. I didn’t think they were going to be the next Four Horsemen because, look, I don’t think Vince [McMahon] saw them as the next Four Horsemen. I think Vince saw them as four smaller guys who cumulatively can do some damage, but I don’t think Vince would see any of those guys facing Brock Lesnar in the main event of WrestleMania,” said Road Dogg. “Now, whether you disagree with that or not, that’s fine. You can disagree with it all day, but you weren’t the boss of the company at the time, and that’s what he thought. I didn’t see them as that, but I was scared, like I mentioned earlier, that they would be gone, a lot of our creative content would go with them, and it would be more difficult for us because we’re lazy and want to do as little work as possible.”

While talking about stars who he thought would succeed on the main roster Road Dogg named Keith Lee when he added, “I think [Undisputed ERA] did have a lot better run in NXT than they would have had on the main roster, maybe for that exact reason. I loved having them there. I didn’t want them to go away. But also to the last guy’s question, who stepped up, I thought Keith Lee would be gone sooner rather than later, too, once everybody got eyes on him and his abilities.”

H/T Fightful