matt riddle

Riddle has earned himself a reputation for being outspoken, and over the last few years he has sometimes directed his trash talk at big names such as Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg. The Hall of Famer and Riddle have crossed paths a few times, and it seems like their relationship is slowly but surely starting to get better.

During a recent interview with talkSPORT Riddle discussed the return trip from WWE Crown Jewel, and he noted that he and Goldberg had a conversation.

“But at the end of the day, even Bill [Goldberg] and maybe one day a certain Beast, they come to understand what I’m trying to do. Bill and I had a conversation. It was like ‘Bill, I’m sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way’ on the way back from Saudi Arabia. We were on the plane, had a couple of cocktails. I’m not saying we’re best friends, but we are doing way better than we were.

“I think just us talking and seeing him work [longer matches this year], you just get to know somebody and understand them. He’s like me; if you just listen to the dirt sheets or watch me do interviews, you might hate me [laughs]. But in real life, I’m a pretty nice guy. I talk crap, but that’s just to drum up interest. He realises that – I think we’re all good.”

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