all in

The last few years have certainly been interesting for the professional wrestling business, and back in September of 2018 Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks took a chance and put on the All In pay-per-view. The event turned out to be a big success, and months later All Elite Wrestling was announced.

The event featured various talents who would go on to sign with AEW, and Chelsea Green competed in a four corner survival match at the event. During a recent episode of her Green With Envy podcast Chelsea explained that she had actually signed a deal with WWE, but she told the company that she had to fulfill her bookings, and wouldn’t be able to report to the Performance Center until October.

The former WWE star went on to say that she wanted her fiancé Matt Cardona to be at the event, but he was working in WWE at the time as Zack Ryder, and WWE did not allow their talents to attend the show.

“I will say that I really wish Matt had been able to go. Every one at WWE who had a spouse or a partner that was on All In got a text the week or two out from talent relations at WWE, saying they were not allowed to be at All In. So originally, of course, Matt and people like Deonna and Adam Cole, so many people were going to be at All In, just backstage watching us. And when they sent that text, I mean, it was way too risky for any of them to be there, especially after being told not to. It was such a bummer, but it still feels like yesterday when I came back from my match to a hundred texts from Matt saying how awesome it was. I actually could cry thinking about it all.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.